Spun cotton and Wooden products

The spun cotton and wooden shapes section offers cheap materials for creating various figurines. The spun cotton shapes are made of an environmentally friendly material (paper) and do not burden the environment. To create figurines and other decorations (witches, St. Nicholas and the Devil, Easter bunnies, ... ), you can use our cotton balls, cotton pieces, cotton noses, horns, cotton eggs as well as printed spun cotton shapes such as cotton dolls, bunnies, various animals, .... Printed spun cotton shapes (faces) are some of our most popular components. Spun cotton shapes can be dyed, glued (hot melt glue gun, double-sided adhesive tape, dispersion adhesives) and decorated with various other materials such as paper, various strings and many other materials. Spun cotton shapes get you much fun and joy with your children for little money. We have also added wooden balls with doll print to create, for example, straw decorations.