About us

CENTROFLOR s.r.o. is one of the largest traditional manufacturers of artificial flowers and decorative products in the Czech Republic. In the past, our products were exported around the whole world by the well-known export company JABLONEX Jablonec nad Nisou. At present, apart from domestic production we mainly export products to Germany, Great Britain, Belgium, Poland, Slovakia and Austria.

Although our company was established recently, in 1996, artificial flowers have been made in our region since the beginning of the 20th century and the name CENTROFLOR has existed for decades.

The company CENTROFLOR deals with the production of artificial flowers, including fashion accessories (for dresses, for hair, for wedding ceremonies...), artificial (cotton-wool, paper) fruit, various decorations and ornaments containing Christmas and Easter themes, figurines, pistils, chenille and numerous other components related to flower arranging or creation itself.

Recently, the company has reaped success in the hobby sector, where the greatest interest is in chenille (a furry decorative wire similar to a Christmas chain in many ways), cotton-wool (paper) balls, eggs and other shapes. These materials are sold for an attractive price and are mainly used when working with children on developing their creativity.

Our company is able to adapt to the demands and wishes of the customer. We successfully cooperate with several renowned artists. The company CENTROFLOR, s.r.o. has its own development (sample makers). At present, we have samples created for 20 000 products.

The main interest of our company is to offer our products to the broadest scope of customers. The products are not only intended for dealers, but since 2005 end customers can purchase some of the products directly at our e-shop, which is continuously being developed. Likewise, the e-shop serves not only as a small catalogue, but also as an idea for customers in terms of what they can order from CENTROFLOR and create.

We will be pleased if our products capture your attention. If you have any comments, ideas or requests, please feel free to contact us.