Terms and conditions


The following business terms and conditions are valid for purchases made in the internet shop (e-shop) of CENTROFLOR, s.r.o. The terms and conditions specify the rights and obligations in greater detail of both the customer (ordering party) and vendor (CENTROFLOR, s.r.o.).


Purchase order:

  • All purchase orders submitted by means of the CENTROFLOR, s.r.o. internet shop (e-shop) are considered binding. By submitting a purchase order, the purchaser confirms that he/she is familiar with the business terms and conditions and agrees to them.
  • Receipt of the purchase order is understood as submitting the "Confirmation of receipt of the purchase order for further processing," which is automatically sent to your e-mail.
  • A condition for the effectiveness of the electronic purchase order is the completion of all data and essentials as specified by the form.
  • The delivery place is the address stated by the purchaser on the order form.
  • Property rights to the goods are transferred to the purchaser after the purchase price has been paid out and the acceptance thereof.
  • By filling out the registration form within the scope of the internet shop (e-shop), the purchase grants the vendor his/her consent to collecting and archiving personal data about the purchaser and his/her purchases. The protection of the data thereof is described in the section on "Personal data protection."

Personal data protection:

  • Personal data (name, address, telephone number, etc.), which was provided upon customer registration (or by any other manner), is deemed confidential by the company CENTROFLOR, s.r.o. and protected against misuse. The company CENTROFLOR, s.r.o. does not share customer data with third parties, apart from those who directly partake in executing the customer's purchase order (forwarding companies, banks, etc.) and only in the scope as absolutely necessary.

Payment method:

  • Upon acceptance of goods - cash payment upon acceptance of goods delivered by the forwarding company.
  • Payment in advance by bank transfer - prior to sending the goods, an invoice for payment - advanced payment, is sent to the customer. The goods are sent to the purchaser after the payment has been allocated to the bank account of CENTROFLOR, s.r.o.
    - Bank account-No. (EUR): 3200019394 BLZ: 85050300 (Ostsächsische Sparkasse Dresden)
      IBAN: DE13 8505 0300 3200 0193 94   SWIFT: OSDDDE81
  • Bank transfer - the customer shall accept the goods and pay within the agreed to payment deadline. This method of payment is enabled to long-term customers who make purchases on a regular basis. It depends on the discretion of the company sales representative.
    - Bank account-No. (EUR): 3200019394 BLZ: 85050300 (Ostsächsische Sparkasse Dresden)
      IBAN: DE13 8505 0300 3200 0193 94   SWIFT: OSDDDE81


  • Considering that the company CENTROFLOR, s.r.o. is a production company, the delivery terms are generally from 2 to 30 days depending on whether or not the goods are on stock. It is important to state the required delivery term on the order form, if necessary.

Shipping and cost of shipping and packaging:

  • CENTROFLOR, s.r.o. prefers the services of Czech Post - commercial package (delivered the next day after filing). Postal fees are invoiced in the amount of the actual expenses of Czech Post. For purchases up to CZK 500 (inclusive) in value, without VAT, a packaging fee is added to the postal fee in the amount of CZK 50 including VAT.
  • When sending goods abroad, we mainly use the services of Czech Post or German DPD.


  • The purchaser is obliged to inspect and check the goods sent by the vendor without undue delay. In the case that defects are found, the purchaser is obliged to inform the vendor of the defects thereof in writing or by e-mail within three days of accepting the goods.
  • Provided the complaint is acknowledged, the full purchase price shall be returned to the purchaser, or new goods shall be sent - in accordance to the mutual agreement of both parties.
  • The purchaser does not assume liabilities for damages arising from the functional properties of the products.